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Featured Rentals  updated 11/22/20

New Releases:

Route One/USA (Documentary, '89) Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula Babylon Berlin (Season 3) Better Call Saul (Season 5) BLU: The Killing Floor (Dir. Bill Duke, '84) The Lost Weekend ('45) The Irishman (Criterion) The Essential Fellini Box Set (Criterion) 12/01-12/15 Possessor (Dir. Brandon Cronenberg) Aviva (NYC-Paris Indie Romance, Dir. B. Yakin) Tenet (12/15) The Beach House (Horror) Mouchette (Criterion, '67) Symbiopsychotaxiplasm Take 2 1/2 (Criterion, '05) BLU: Puzzle of a Downfall Child (Dir: J. Schatzberg, F. Dunnaway '70) Diary of a Mad Housewife (Dir: Frank Perry, '70) The Broken Hearts Gallery (NYC Arty RomCom) The New Mutants Unhinged (Russell Crowe) The Prairie Trilogy (Documentary, '78-'80) Relic (Horror) Ghost Dog ('99, Criterion) Moonstruck ('87, Criterion) Westworld (Season 3) Canniba (Doc.) Last Christmas (U.K) Babylon Berlin (T.V) S.1/S.2 Blu: Parasite (Bong, S. Korea, Criterion) Daughters of Darkness ('71) The Last Starfighter ('84) Cut Throat City (Dir: RZA) Blu: Drifting+The White Tiger ('23, Anna May Wong) Killdozer ('74) The Hit (T. Stamp, '84) The Gunfighter ('50, G. Peck) Carmilla (U.K. '19, Lesbian Vampires) House of Cardin (Doc.) Blu: Claudine (J.E Jones, '74) Mallrats ('95) The Chalk Garden (H. Mills, '64) Save Yourselves! (Indie Comedy) The Tax Collector (S. La Beouf) The Secret Garden (U.K) A. Jodorowsky Box (Blu) Pierrot Le Fou (Blu) Eli Roth's History of Horror (Blu)

We've missed you.

Les Vampires (1915)
Maggie Cheung - Irma Vep ('96) John Phillip Law - Danger: Diabolik ('68) Eyes Without a Face ('60)

Following cues from the County Health Dept (& crossing our fingers), we've expanded our in-store browsing hours to 11am-9pm daily, and will keep these hours until further notice.

Please refer to this website to search for titles, or give us a call at (626) 403-6621. We're catching up on recent New Release stock, so please bear with us as we get up-to-date.

Thanks so much to everyone who purchased pre-paid rental packages while we've been down. The proceeds have been a lifeline keeping us going. The same goes for shoppers of our movie-themed t-shirts, posters, cards, magnets, & the like on our Etsy page.

We're so grateful for your support of small business.

Please wear a mask when you come over, we'll do likewise. We hope you're well, can't wait to see you.

Mark & the Vt crew xx

Masked figure images: Les Vampires (1915); Maggie Cheung / Irma Vep ('96); John Phillip Law / Danger: Diabolik ('68); Edith Scob / Eyes Without a Face ('60)

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The best way to save (& help us out, too) is to pre-pay for rental credits which stay on your account until redeemed. Much cheaper than $4.99 per title, & contactless as well. Call us to do so at (626) 403-6621, or email info@vidtheque.com.

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