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Title MPAA Rating Filed Under
200 American Gay/Lesbian
24th Day R Gay/Lesbian
9 Dead Gay Guys R Gay/Lesbian
Adventures of Felix Gay/Lesbian
AKA R Gay/Lesbian
Amor De Hombre (Love of Man) Gay/Lesbian
Another Gay Movie (2006) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Another Gay Sequel (2008) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
April's Shower Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Bear Cub Gay/Lesbian
Beautiful Thing R Gay/Lesbian
Before I Forget (2007) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Before the Fall (2004) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Being at Home With Claude [VHS] Gay/Lesbian
Big Eden PG-13 Gay/Lesbian
Boyfriends Gay/Lesbian
Boys Life Gay/Lesbian
Boys Life 2 Gay/Lesbian
Boys Life 3 Gay/Lesbian
Boys Life 4 Gay/Lesbian
Boys' Shorts Gay/Lesbian
Brooklyn Bizarre Gay/Lesbian
Brother to Brother Gay/Lesbian
Bulgarian Lovers Gay/Lesbian
Burnt Money Gay/Lesbian
Business of Fancydancing Gay/Lesbian
Circuit Gay/Lesbian
Claire (2001) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Come Undone Gay/Lesbian
Confusion of Genders Gay/Lesbian
Cote D'Azur (2005) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Cynara: Poetry in Motion (1996) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Days Gay/Lesbian
Die Mommie Die! (2003) R Gay/Lesbian
Different for Girls R Gay/Lesbian
The Dying Gaul (2004) R Gay/Lesbian
Eastern Boys Gay/Lesbian
Eat with Me Gay/Lesbian
Eban and Charley Gay/Lesbian
Eden's Curve Gay/Lesbian
Edge of Seventeen Gay/Lesbian
Eleven Men Out (2005) R Gay/Lesbian
Exes and Ohs - Season 1 (2006) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Feeding Boys, Ayaya Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Food of Love R Gay/Lesbian
For a Lost Soldier Gay/Lesbian
Forgive and Forget Gay/Lesbian
Four Minutes (2006) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Friends and Family Gay/Lesbian
From the Edge of the City Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Full Speed (1998) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Further Tales of the City (Disc 1) Gay/Lesbian
Further Tales of the City (Disc 2) Gay/Lesbian
Garcon Stupide (2005) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Get Real R Gay/Lesbian
Girls Will Be Girls R Gay/Lesbian
Give Me Your Hand (2009) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Gone, But Not Forgotten (2003) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Grande Ecole Gay/Lesbian
The Hanging Garden R Gay/Lesbian
Hard Pill (2005) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Harry and Max (2003) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Head on Gay/Lesbian
Hit and Runway R Gay/Lesbian
Holding Trevor (2007) R Gay/Lesbian
Hollow Reed [VHS] R Gay/Lesbian
Hollywood Je T'aime (2008) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
In & Out (1997) PG-13 Gay/Lesbian
The Iron Ladies II Gay/Lesbian
The Iron Ladies Gay/Lesbian
It's in the Water (1998) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
It's My Party R Gay/Lesbian
Jargo Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Jeanne and the Perfect Guy Gay/Lesbian
Johns [VHS] R Gay/Lesbian
Julie Johnson (2001) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Just One Time (2000) R Gay/Lesbian
Keep the Lights on (2012) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Killer Drag Queens on Dope (2003) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Kiss Me Guido R Gay/Lesbian
Km. 0 (Kilometer Zero) R Gay/Lesbian
The Last Day (2005) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
The Last Year Gay/Lesbian
Latin Boys Go to Hell Gay/Lesbian
Latter Days R Gay/Lesbian
Let's Love Hong Kong (2002) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Light Gradient Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Like It is Gay/Lesbian
Lilies R Gay/Lesbian
Loggerheads (2005) PG-13 Gay/Lesbian
Longtime Companion R Gay/Lesbian
Love Forbidden Gay/Lesbian
Love! Valour! Compassion! R Gay/Lesbian
Loving Annabelle (2005) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Luster Gay/Lesbian
Ma Saison Super 8 (2005) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Ma Vie En Rose R Gay/Lesbian
Madame Sata Gay/Lesbian
Madchen in Uniform (Blu) [Blu-ray] Gay/Lesbian
Mambo Italiano R Gay/Lesbian
The Man I Love Gay/Lesbian
The Man of My Life (2006) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Mango Souffle Gay/Lesbian
Map of Sex and Love Gay/Lesbian
A Matter of Taste Gay/Lesbian
Maybe… Maybe Not [VHS] R Gay/Lesbian
Men and Woman (China) Gay/Lesbian
Metrosexuality Gay/Lesbian
More Tales of the City (Disc 1) Gay/Lesbian
The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green (2005) R Gay/Lesbian
Mr. Smith Gets a Hustler Gay/Lesbian
The Mudge Boy (2003) R Gay/Lesbian
My Life on Ice Gay/Lesbian
My Wife Maurice Gay/Lesbian
The Naked Civil Servant (1975) Not Rated Gay/Lesbian
Nico and Dani Gay/Lesbian
Nighthawks [VHS] Gay/Lesbian
No Ordinary Love Gay/Lesbian
No Regret (2006) R Gay/Lesbian
Not Angels But Angels Gay/Lesbian
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