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Title MPAA Rating Filed Under
Amityville Horror, the (1979) (Blu) (1979) [Blu-ray] Hor » 70's
Deranged: Motel Hell R Hor » 70's
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (Blu) [Blu-ray] Hor » 70's
Don't Look in the Basement (Blu) [Blu-ray] Hor » 70's
Fade to Black [Blu-ray] R Hor » 70's
Gator Bait (1973) Hor » 70's
Jennifer (Blu) 1978 [Blu-ray] Hor » 70's
Last House on Dead End Street Hor » 70's
Legacy, the (Blu) [Blu-ray] Hor » 70's
Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane [Blu-ray] Hor » 70's
The Mafu Cage (1977) R Hor » 70's
Magic (1978) [Blu-ray] R Hor » 70's
Nightwing, Shadow of the Hawk [Blu-ray] Hor » 70's
Omen 2, the (Blu) [Blu-ray] Hor » 70's
Terror Train (Blu+Dvd) Hor » 70's
Three on a Meathook Hor » 70's
Toolbox Murders Hor » 70's
Town That Dreaded Sundown (Blu) [Blu-ray] Hor » 70's
When a Stranger Calls R Hor » 70's
Wicked Wicked Hor » 70's
Willard (Blu+Dvd) ('71) Hor » 70's
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